A Wine Room Is Born

by Kristi on February 17, 2011

Behind beautiful wine cellars are expert minds and hands.

In this case, the minds and hands behind the masterpiece is one of our exclusive dealers out of the Pacific Northwest.  They have recently completed their wine cellar restaurant project, and boy is it gorgeous!

The team pride themselves in thinking, designing and fabricating ‘out of the box’ to provide a unique and distinctive benefit to the client and this project shows us just that.

Let’s take a tour, shall we?

Commercial, Custom Wine Cellar

Starting at the far left of the room, the innovated wine experts used Vintage View racking on custom built support posts in front of the exposed rock wall. No wine room is complete without a cooling/refrigeration system and in this case, the remotely located climate control system is a 2-ton Wine Guardian ducted unit.

In the room are custom cabinets with sliding doors with woven wire inserts, which were all built by our design experts in Spokane that are topped off by custom granite countertops.


A unique wooden slat wall allows even air flow from this room into the next room which holds 102custom Wine Club Member locker ‘Cubes’; each of which holds 13 bottles. These cube columns are custom designed with LED rope lighting on nine different levels to provide a nice glow. How lovely!

Commercial, Custom Wine Cellar

The island contains a grouping of 12 cubes and is capped off by a beautiful piece of rough-edged granite. In case you’re wondering, all materials in oak with a black stain finish and a water-based clear-coat.

In the ‘Window Wall’ room, there are two cabinets with lockable sliding glass doors that have access to the climate controlled temperatures. Flexibility of the racks for various-sized/special bottles is important, so one cabinet holds magnums and large formats and the other is the high-end bottles on the restaurant wine list.

before-after, Custom Wine Racks

The non-climate controlled racking is supplied by a popular wine racking company that was purchased and taken to hybridized to meet the client’s needs for their own custom display rows. These “before” and “after” shots are simply amazing how you can take an empty space and create something amazing.

And what about the ceiling? It was created with stained 1×4 slats of radiata pine fastened to black-painted plywood with 3/8″ spacing.

Custom, Commercial Wine Rack

All the wines displayed here are available at retail and also listed on the restaurant wine list. All in all, these racks hold 2800 bottles. That’s a LOT, and they definitely deserve a wonderful home.

A wonderful, beautifully customized home indeed is what these wines were given – proof that when you trust wine cellar architects and designers, the possibilities are truly endless.

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