Wine Lockers: Top-notch Security For Your Prized Collection

by Cynette on January 29, 2013

Even when you’re just starting out with your wine collection, you’re bound to possess a few rare vintages soon enough. Moreover, you will just be surprised at how quickly your collection will grow. But while it’s still in the early stages, you have to provide your prized vintages with safe yet comfortable storage. You certainly wouldn’t want them to be injured owing to negligence or accident. Not only would this be a complete waste, but for sure, your connoisseur’s soul will be heartbroken if anything unfortunate happens to your precious bottles. So why not invest on a more secured form of bottle storage like these quality Wine Lockers.

Superb functionality at the right cost!

Wine lockers are aptly named because they are specifically designed to keep your bottles under lock and key. You have the option of having a few of them installed in your existing wine cellar or just putting a few in your kitchen or home tasting bar if you don’t have a full-blown wine room. These lockers are crafted from the most popular wood choices for custom wine racking and proudly manufactured in the USA. Thus, you can be assured of their durability as well as resistance to rot, decay, and other similar conditions.

These lockers are also wonderfully flexible. They can be customized to have either individual bottle storage, fixed shelves or adjustable shelves behind very attractive lattice doors. You can further choose to have the locks keyed in all at one time or individually. Individual lockers are a lot like those school lockers in high school or college where you can stash your private loot behind the metal doors. The huge difference is that these wine lockers are way more safe and not to mention appealing. As if these awesome features are not enough, you can also choose to further customize the lockers to fit you specific floor plan needs. Plus, you can dress them up in a bevy of wood stains and finish options to create various looks and styles.

Whether you own a residential or commercial wine cellar, you should definitely have one, two, or even more of these lockers for your more valuable bottles. We actually have clients who ordered for these wine lockers to be placed in clubhouses. The wine loving members were certainly piqued and totally pleased at how they can bring and store their favorite spirits safely and bring them out whenever they have a guest or two. No more having to scurry back and forth liquor stores for last-minute purchases, especially for those impromptu after-dinner perks!

Nowadays, you can even obtain financing options for commercial wine cellar projects so you can incorporate safer storage and racking. Since you can have your pick from the wood choice down to the custom options, you actually don’t have to worry so much about the cost. You can always work with an experienced specialist on something which will fall squarely within your anticipated budget. Get top-notch security for your prized collection today with these fab wine lockers. Have a great week ahead, wine lovers!

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