Wine Cellar Goodies Under Your Tree!

by Cynette on December 11, 2012

Hey, there wine and wine cellar geeks! Care to join us as we do a countdown to the big ho-ho-ho? It’s just a little over two weeks before Christmas is officially here. Now THAT’S something worth celebrating, right? We’re sure wine and wine cellar lovers all over the world feel the same way, too. So to make things even more enjoyable, why don’t we think of the stuff we’d want to find under our trees this year? Or to put it more accurately, stuff we’d want to haul straight to our wine cellars once we open them ^_^.

Country Pine Wine Gift Boxes

Instead of giving the usual bottles of wine as gifts fancily wrapped or placed in wine baskets, wouldn’t your giftee prefer one or two of his favorite spirits cuddled inside fine pine wine boxes? These Country Pine Wine Gift Boxes make for a unique holiday gift idea which any wine lover will surely love. The beautiful pine wine boxes double up as extra storage for the bottles until you’re ready to pop them open.

Stackable 12-Bottle Rack

A single rack can hold exactly 12 standard-sized bottles. That alone is a good enough in creating a bit of
extra storage for your collection. But if you get an additional two or three more, then it gets even better.  You can actually collect the racks just like you collect your wines. As your collection grows, so do your racking assembly! These stylish racks are configured in such a way that you can stack them side by side and on top of one another for up to ten feet in height. Plus, you can use them with your existing racking system or other molding and paneling kits as well.

Vintage View 4Ft Rack

These metal racks are as flexible as they come. They can hold standard-sized wine bottles when mounted 7.5 inches apart. Nonetheless, they are can also accommodate split-sized bottles when mounted 5.5 inches apart. You can mount them anywhere in your home, from the kitchen down to the dining area and not just in your wine cellars. Moreover, they are so space-efficient that you get to store more bottles without having to compromise on the arrangement of your existing wine racking system.

Curvy Cube End Table

We’ve talked out the Curvy Cubes and Displays lots of times. But apart from the usual cubes and displays, there’s also the super sexy Curvy Cube End Table. It makes for the perfect addition to any wine racking assembly, capping off ends and corners beautifully. It’s not just all about aesthetics either. More than the eye-catching appeal, this cube is also highly functional. It can hold up to 18 standard-sized bottles in very comfortable storage. Stylish, practical, and a real steal at just a little over $200, it’s one gift any wine lover would definitely want Santa to bring him this Christmas.

So what else would you want to find under your tree on the 25th? Leave a comment or two below!

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