Put Some LOVE Into Your Wine Cellars!

by Cynette on February 12, 2013

A super loving February to all you wine cellar fans out there! It’s the month of love, so how are you guys faring? Well, it’s only natural for everyone to be in a romantic mood for the next couple of days. After all, V-day is just a few days away. So what will you be pouring from your wine cellars? A lot of couples’ wine selections are being advertised like crazy. But let’s talk of our wine cellars, instead. It’s also time to create a romantic ambiance by dressing them up with some fanciful accessories. Allow us to run you through a couple of sweet ideas!

1. Create the mood with a piece of wine cellar art!

Indeed, even just one piece of the right custom wine cellar art can make your wine cellar reek of the V-day vibe. Custom hand-painted murals or paintings would be a smashing idea. You can have them ordered with the design of your choice. Perhaps the balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet? But if you want to stick to wine-themed concepts, then perhaps gorgeous vineyard landscapes and backgrounds would be to your preferences. Here are a few stunning samples:

But you can also choose to go about it differently. Instead of murals and paintings, you can opt for custom etchings on your mirrors or glass cabinets or have some colorful stained glass murals installed. They can certainly set the perfect mood for a dreamy moment in your wine cellars.

2.  Fill the air with romance with the right wine cellar lighting!

Notice how the right kind of lighting immediately sets the ambiance in a room? Dim it a bit and you get a sultry, sexy mood. Cast the spotlight in strategic places and you get an exciting, electric aura. Accent some choice furniture and fixtures and you turn out a really classy charm. There are just so many ways to set up the right atmosphere by playing around with lighting options. The same goes true for your wine cellars! Custom LED lighting packages can bring about some pretty amazing changes, like illuminating your prized collection or letting light and glass do their magic on your wine cellars.

3.  Decorate, decorate, decorate!

Ok, you don’t need to do anything HUGE, really. Just a few finishing touches here and there will be enough to lend a more romantic air to your wine cellars. For example, replace old cabinet hardware and drawer pulls with custom, decorative knobs and pulls. Some of these selections are intricately designed to resemble grape clusters, sleek, creeping vines, delicately-shaped flowers and leaves, and even lace trimmings. Here are a few of our favorite picks:

That’s not all! Accentuate other sections of your wine cellar with decorative wood trim. Decorative moldings, wood paneling, wood onlays, wood corbels and more add so much character to your wine racks and furniture.  The dainty, graceful designs are the best finishing touches to complete the look of your cellar, especially for this month of love.

Need more ideas and suggestions? Leave us a comment or two below or shoot an e-mail to our wine cellar design specialists. We’d only be too happy to help you achieve your wine cellar goals. Have a fun, romantic, and wine-filled Valentine’s day ahead!

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