Exploring Popular Wine Cellar Ideas For 2013

by Cynette on January 14, 2013

It’s a brand-new year, wine cellar lovers! And how did your year start out? We’re pretty sure it’s going to be a wine-filled one, so we’re here to help. The start of the year is definitely one of the best times to contemplate on your plans for your wine cellars. It’s especially the case if you’re just in the planning stages. Let’s try to explore some exciting ideas and to get those creative juices going!

1. Basement Wine Cellars

If you’re home has enough space for a full-blown wine room, a basement wine cellar is one great option. It’s quite ideal for wine storage since the basement is located in the section of the home where humidity levels can be more consistent. Note that wine storage actually began in the underground caves of Europe. Hence, a semi-underground set-up in this modern era is a perfect substitute! Plus, most basements are intended for tucking away clutter. You’ll have more than enough space for a walk-in wine cellar while at the same time, sprucing up the look of this section of your home. You can also go for garage renovations which are more or less similar in terms of functional concepts.

2. Closet Transformations

Not enough space for a walk-in wine room? Don’t fret! There WILL be space, even when you thought there was none. It’s a matter of utilizing seemingly unusable areas in your home and throwing in a little ingenuity. Take the case of Closet Transformations! Lots of homes have been undertaking custom wine cellar projects inspired by this popular idea. That’s because you can actually build your wine cellar straight from the walls of your home or in those dark and narrow little corners which you thought would never be put to any use at all. With the help of the right specialist, you can store even hundreds of bottles in closet-like assemblies. It’s not that much different from building a wardrobe to accommodate your mad clothing splurges ^_^.

3. Home Tasting Bars

Here’s another inspiring concept when space seems to be a bothersome issue in your home. Instead of getting frustrated as to how you’re ever going to properly accommodate your collection, try giving multi-purpose functions to other sections of your home. One great example would be the dining area. Homes with spacious dining areas would do well to have them remodeled or re-arranged so that an improvised wine storage system can be incorporated. You will be surprised at how much more elegant and thrice as functional your dining area can be! Now it can double as a tasting bar and even triple as a display are for your gorgeous glassware and other wine accessories as well. Check out these gorgeous samples:

Or, you can also try out the Under Stairwell Transformation which is basically just turning all that awkward space under the stairwell into a totally fab wine cellar.

So just when you think those hidden corners could no longer be put to good use, think again! There will always be enough space so long as you don’t put a cap on your imagination. Need some help in finding the right wine cellar consultant? Well, that’s what we’re here for! Shoot us an e-mail today and we’ll always be here to address all your wine storage needs ASAP. ^_^

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