All wine bottles should be properly stored, but some of them deserve a little bit more. Your rare vintages, unique finds, or all-time favorites need to be in the spotlight, don’t you think? And what better way to do this than by putting them up in custom wine displays which can showcase your prized labels at maximum advantage. Here are just some of the more practical, space-efficient, and of course, stylish options you can look into:

Quarter Round Shelves


Quarter round shelves are a really great way to display your precious collection while at the same time, adding a dramatic touch to your wine racking system. There are various types you can choose from, such as Quarter Round Corner Shelves, Quarter Round Wine Displays, and Mini Quarter Round Shelves. They can accommodate your glassware and other wine accessories as well. Thus, you can further accentuate your bottles by displaying them together with exquisite glassware, vases of beautiful, fresh spring blooms, and other ornaments and such.

Vertical Wine Bottle Displays

There is a wide range of choices you can explore when it comes to these Vertical Wine Bottle Displays. They are basically designed for bottles ranging from splits to magnum sizes. Hence, you can actually request what size bottles you want this racking designed for. For example, if you wish to display champagne or other larger-format bottles than the magnum ones, then you would do well to go with Solid Vertical Display Single Deep or Solid Vertical Display Full Depth.

Otherwise, you can just opt for the Open Vertical Display Single Deep or Open Vertical Display Full Depth. These custom display selections are super space-efficient, fitting well in those shallow spots where there is not enough room for a standard depth wine rack or on the end of a peninsula or island. Or, if you want to add an element of surprise to your wine racking assembly, you can go for the Hidden Door with Built In Solid Vertical Wine Display Cabinet. It can be hinged just like your standard wine cellar door with the wood, stain, and finish option made to identically match the same. Because it can seamlessly into the rest of the racking, you can keep your prized collection safe and sound until it’s time to shine the spotlight on them!

Large Bottle Display Niche

This display cabinet is perfect for those who have anything larger than a 3 liter wine bottle that they want to showcase in their wine cellars. But what’s great is that you can also have the size of the display customized to accommodate the bottle size and quantity you’re seeking to store. With this type of display, you can fit almost any size, from Splits to Nebuchadnezzar. Plus, the flexible configurations enable you to mix and match it with your existing individual and bulk bottle racking assembly.

Wine Bottle Waterfall

The Wine Bottle Waterfall display is definitely one of the most attractive and fun ways to showcase the best of your collection. It’s highly practical, working perfectly with individual bottle storage racks and Quarter Round Shelves to create a cascading racking effect that is nothing short of enchanting. This display is highly recommended for spacious wine cellars, as well as those with home tasting bars or centers.

Need more inspiring ideas for your wine cellar projects? Just get in touch with us and we’ll hook you up with experienced wine cellar consultants who can address all your wine storage concerns ASAP!

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There are plenty of things to be amazed about in this world, like how some big things come in small packages. For example, you get these really talented kids exhibiting exceptional skills at very young ages. Or how deceptively “small” houses could actually hold so much floor space. It’s also actually the same when it comes to your wine cellars.

You don’t have to have a huge or uber spacious one, especially if you’re just starting out. Plus, if you have limited space in your home, you don’t need to spend so much money having a separate room or area built just for your wine cellar project. There are wine racking products which can let you create custom wine cellars or tasting centers without having to necessarily come in “big” packages.

Get to know the Mini Stack Series!

Remember how we’ve  featured lots of different wine rack styles over the years on our blog? Now those are pretty much your average-sized wine racks. So how would you like to see those similar designs like the Individual Bottle Wine Racks, Diamond Bins, and other bulk bottle storage options in more space-efficient configurations? Intriguing much? We won’t keep you in the dark any longer! We’re going to introduce you today to the Mini Stack Series, a new first in the wine rack bandwagon.

The Mini Stack Series are, true to its name, a collection of fully assembled stackable wine racks with super space-efficient configurations. Hence, you can easily fill out a corner, counter, and just about any available area in your home or store with these compact wonders. The racks are available in five different configurations which can allow you to store your bottles in a number of ways: individually, by bulk, or even with a case or box. By stacking them one on top of the other or side by side, you can turn out a pretty spacious cellar, tasting center, or bar in your home. Or, you can turn unused sections in your commercial wine establishment into more storage room for your merchandise!

Note that the Series also comes with a matching glass rack for you to keep your delicate wineglasses and other glassware in. This means more versatility in terms of your racking options and gives you the opportunity to create a wine storage station with more or less complete features. Now is that amazing or is that amazing? Because of the compact sizes of the racks, they can also be installed in your living room, bedroom, office, even your personal space in your country club. They can go practically anywhere so that whenever you need to pour yourself or someone else a glass or two, you’ll always be able to grab a bottle. So indeed, some of the best things for our wine cellar projects do come in small packages, right? Have a great week ahead, everyone!

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